Nora Jones

Feels like Home

Tracks: 14, total time: 49:10, year: 0, genre:

1.3:21    Sunrice
2.3:30    What Am I to you
3.3:23    Those sweet words
4.3:12    Carneval town
5.4:08    In the Morning
6.3:29    Be here to love me
7.3:04    Greppuri In
8.3:47    Toes
9.4:37    Humble me
10.3:44    Abouve ground
11.3:14    The long way home
12.3:52    The prettest Thing
13.5:39    Don`t miss you at all
14.0:10    Daten-CD

Category: country - Discid: bd0b840e

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