Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich sings the songs of Hank Williams

Tracks: 25, total time: 69:32, year: 1994, genre:

1.2:53My heart would know
2.3:18Take these chains from my heart
3.2:47Half as much
4.3:00You win again
5.2:51I can't help it
6.2:38Hey good lookin'
7.2:58Your cgeatin' heart
8.2:55Cold cold heart
9.1:49Nobody's lonesome for me
10.2:37I'm so lonely I could cry
11.3:05Wedding bells
12.2:23They'll never take her love from me
13.2:28Love is after me
14.2:50Pass on by
15.3:06Hurry up freigh train
16.2:31Only me
17.2:50When something is wrong with my baby
18.3:16Don't tear me down
19.2:39Can't get right
20.2:40I'll shed no tears
21.2:40To fool a fool
22.2:46Who will tne next ffol be
23.2:46Big time operator
25.3:13Motels, hotels

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