Norah Jones

New York City CD2

Tracks: 22, total time: 78:59, year: 2006, genre: Pop

1.3:54    Better the devil you know
2.3:21    I believe in you
3.3:15    The loco-motion
4.3:25    I should be so luckly
5.3:05    Step back in time
6.3:10    Shocked
7.3:34    What do I have to do
8.3:15    Wouldn't change a thing
9.3:52    Hand on your heart
10.3:57    Especially for you
11.3:20    Got to be certain
12.4:02    Je ne sais pas Pourquoi
13.3:07    Give me just a little more time
14.3:22    Never too late
15.2:30    Tears on my pillow
16.4:02    Celebration
17.3:59    Love at first sight
18.3:33    On a night like this
19.4:21    Kids
20.4:27    Confeit in me
21.4:04    Please stay
22.3:29    Giving you up

Category: country - Discid: 2b128116

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