Hell Freezes Over

Tracks: 17, total time: 85:39, year: 2008, genre: Country Rock

1.7:30    Hotel California
2.3:09    Tequila Sunrise
3.4:14    Help Me Through The Night
4.6:13    The Heart Of The Matter
5.4:37    Love Will Keep Us Alive
6.4:39    Learn To Be Still
7.4:27    Pretty Maids All In A Row
8.3:44    The Girl From Yesterday
9.5:15    Wasted Time
10.5:37    I Can't Tell You Why
11.6:34    New York Minute
12.7:19    The Last Resort
13.5:02    Take It Easy
14.5:10    Life In The Fast Lane
15.4:23    In The City
16.3:37    Get Over It
17.4:12    Desperado

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