Charlie Rich

The Most Beautiful Girl- 20 Greatest Hits

Tracks: 20, total time: 63:15, year: 1993, genre: Country

1.2:25Lonely Weekends
2.2:11Mohair Sam
3.3:52Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs
4.3:40Who Will The Next Fool Be
5.2:52I Take It On Home
6.2:45Behind Closed Doors
7.2:58The Most Beautiful Girl
8.2:26There Won't Be Anymore
9.3:50My Elusive Dreams
10.3:09My Mountain Dew
11.2:36Rollin' With The Flow
12.3:11On My Knees
13.3:41Big Boss Man
14.3:00Sittin' And Thinkin'
15.4:29You Don't Know Me
17.2:31Pass On By
18.2:58Good Time Charlie's Got The Bblues
19.2:51C.C. Rider
20.4:46I Feel Like Going Home

Discid: country / 130ed114

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