Johnny Cash

Complete Columbia Album Collection, Disc 32 [Gospel Road 1]

Tracks: 38, total time: 44:06, year: 1973, genre: Country

1.1:02    Praise the Lord
2.1:17    Introduction
3.1:33    Gospel Road (Part I)
4.0:45    Jesus' Early Years
5.0:45    Gospel Road (Part II)
6.1:11    John the Baptist
7.1:40    Baptism of Jesus
8.0:42    Wilderness Temptation
9.1:11    Follow Me, Jesus
10.0:51    Gospel Road (Part III)
11.1:17    Jesus Announces His Divinity
12.0:52    Jesus' Opposition is Established
13.1:08    Jesus' First Miracle
14.0:23    He Turned the Water into Wine (Part I)
15.1:11    State of the Nation
16.2:47    I See Men as Trees Walking
17.1:15    Jesus Was a Carpenter (Part I)
18.2:59    Choosing of Twelve Disciples
19.0:29    Jesus' Teachings
20.0:24    Parable of the Good Shepherd
21.0:52    The Two Greatest Commandments
22.0:17    Greater Love Hath No Man
23.1:23    John the Baptist's Imprisonment and Death
24.0:24    Jesus Cleanses Temple
25.0:47    Jesus Upbraids Scribes and Pharises
26.0:46    Jesus in the Temple
27.0:32    Come Unto Me
28.1:24    The Adulterous Woman
29.0:52    Help (Part I)
30.0:26    Jesus and Nicodemus
31.1:46    Help (Part II)
32.1:20    Sermon on the Mount
33.1:19    Blessed Are
34.1:41    The Lord's Prayer, Amen Chorus
35.1:09    Introducing Mary Magdalene
36.1:33    Mary Magdalene Speaks
37.2:27    Follow Me
38.1:41    Magdalene Speaks Again

Category: country - Discid: 0b0a5426

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