...All this time

Tracks: 19, total time: 78:12, year: 2001, genre: Classical

2.3:02A thousand years
3.4:13Perfect love... gone wrong
4.5:20All this time
5.4:31The Hounds of winter
6.3:37Mad about you
7.2:18Don't stand so close to my
8.4:52Whene we dance
11.4:56Set them free
12.4:47Brand new day
13.3:51Fields of Gold
14.2:57Moon over bourbon streaat
15.4:31If i ever lose my faith in you
16.5:08Every breath yu take
17.4:49Desert rose (Bonus)
18.3:57After the rain has fallen (Bonus)
19.4:02Tomorrow we'll See (Bonus)

Discid: classical / f5125213

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