Riverside Community College Department of Preforming Arts

Coming Together

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:12, year: 1997, genre: Classical

1.1:35    Gavorkna Fanfare
2.1:33    Roranda Coeli
3.2:42    Sicut Cervus
4.3:28    All That Hath Life and Breath
5.3:53    There is no Rose of Such Virtue
6.2:20    Battle of Jericho
7.2:36    Thou Lovely and Beloved
8.7:34    Symphony No. 4 in E mi ii
9.7:47    Violin Concerto in E mi andante
10.10:48    Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night
11.1:55    Love Walked In
12.2:33    You are the New Day
13.2:49    Jim, Jam, Jump
14.5:55    Tech-sus Bop
15.4:53    Love For Sale
16.10:52    Bands of America Field Show

Category: classical - Discid: ee112610

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