Mr. Capone-E

Dedicated 2 The Oldies

Tracks: 15, total time: 59:36, year: 2003, genre: Rap

1.1:41    Introduction
2.6:12    Look Over Your Shoulder
3.5:12    Take A Chance On Me
4.5:13    Angel Baby 2003
5.0:44    What Are You Bumpin
6.5:38    Can't Be Stopped
7.4:44    Hi Power Gangster
8.4:44    Wanna Be Freaked
9.4:08    The Life We Live
10.2:25    Southside Radio
11.3:48    Gangster Lovin
12.4:43    I Ain't The One
13.4:56    Never Be The Same Again
14.3:53    You're The One For Me
15.1:38    Last Words

Category: classical - Discid: e40df60f

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