Henry Purcell, John Blow, Henry Lawes, William Child, William Turner

Coronation Music for King James II (Choir & Orchestra of Westminster Abbey, Simon Preston)

Tracks: 15, total time: 62:48, year: 1987, genre: Classical

1.12:05    God Spake Sometime in Visions (John Blow)
2.1:35    Let Thy Hand Be Strenghened (John Blow)
3.1:19    Zadok the Priest (Henry Lawes)
4.16:12    My Heart is Inditing (Henry Purcell)
5.5:09    I Was Glad (Henry Purcell)
6.2:06    O Lord, Grant the King a Long Life (William Child)
7.2:09    Behol, O God Our Defender (John Blow)
8.5:14    The King Shall Rejoice - Symphony (William Turner)
9.1:56    The King Shall Rejoice - The King Shall Rejoice (William Turner)
10.3:56    The King Shall Rejoice - Thou hast giv'n him his heart's desire (William Turner)
11.2:31    The King Shall Rejoice - He asked life of thee (William Turner)
12.2:09    The King Shall Rejoice - His honour is great in thy salvation(William Turner)
13.1:24    The King Shall Rejoice - For thou shalt give him everlastingfelicity (William Turner)
14.2:43    The King Shall Rejoice - And why, because the King putteth his trust (William Turner)
15.2:23    The King Shall Rejoice - Be thou exalted, Lord, in thine ownstrength (William Turner)

Category: classical - Discid: e00eb60f

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