Tracks: 15, total time: 57:49, year: 2014, genre: Rock

1.3:56    Saideira (Spanish Version) (Feat. Samuel Rosa)
2.4:11    La Flaca (Feat. Juanes)
3.3:38    Mal Bicho (Feat. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)
4.3:23    Oye 2014 (Feat. Pitbull
5.4:31    Iron Lion Zion (Feat. Ziggy Marley & ChocQuib Town)
6.4:30    Una Noche en Napoles (Feat. Lila Downs, Nina Pastori & Soledad)
7.4:17    Besos de Lejos (Feat. Gloria Estefan)
8.4:02    Margarita (Feat. Romeo Santos)
9.3:27    Indy (Feat. Miguel)
10.4:10    Feel It Coming Back (Feat. Diego Torres)
11.4:07    Yo Soy La Luz (Feat. Wayne Shorter & Cindy Blackman-Santana)
12.1:19    I See Your Face
13.3:56    Seideira (Feat. Samuel Rosa)
14.4:17    Beijo de Longe (Feat. Gloria Estefan)
15.4:09    Amor Correspondido (Feat. Diego Torres)

Category: classical - Discid: da0d8b0f

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