Henry Purcell

Music for a While \\ Dido's Lament \\ Trumpet Tune \\ Fairest Isle \\ Music for the funeral

Tracks: 14, total time: 68:33, year: , genre: Chamber Music

1.1:45    Rondeau (Abdelazer)
Christopher Hogwood
2.2:53    Sound the Trumpet (Come, ye sons of art)
A. Deller; J.Whitworth; Sir Anthony Lewis
3.3:10    Arise, ye subterranean winds (The Tempest)
H. Alan; Sir Anthony Lewis
4.4:15    Music for a while (Oedipus)
H. Watts, T. Dart; D. Dupre
5.6:55    Symphony (the Fairy Queen) (ed. Britten, Imogen Holst, Pears)
Benjamin Britten
6.2:24    Fairest Isle (King Arthur)
H. Harper; Sir Anthony Lewis
7.4:05    What power art thou? (Frost scene) (King Arthur)
T. Anthony; Sir Anthony Lewis
8.2:40    Trumpet Tune and Air (arr. Peter Hurford)
P. Hurford; Michael Laird Brass Ensemble
9.9:55    I was glad
P. Esswood; I. Partridge; S. Dean; J. Scott; George Guest
10.6:36    Music for the funeral of Queen Mary - March; Thou knowest, Lord; Canzona
S. Cleobury; J. Ryan; George Guest
11.3:33    Sweeter than roses (realised Britten)
J. Bowman; Benjamin Britten
12.4:05    Symphony... Hark! hark! the echoing air (The Fairy Queen) (ed. Britten, Imogen Holst, Pears)
J. Vyvyan; Benjamin Britten
13.7:06    Chacony in G minor (ed. Britten)
Benjamin Britten
14.9:07    But death, alas!.. When I am laid in earth... With drooping wings (Dido and Aeneas) (ed. Laurie, Dart)
J. Baker; Sir Anthony Lewis

Category: classical - Discid: c2100f0e

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