Edition I: Dido and Aeneas / King Arthur / The Fairy Queen

Tracks: 13, total time: 60:14, year: 1995, genre: classical

1.6:05    The Fairy Queen, Act IV, Symphony
2.2:09    The Fairy Queen, Act IV, Now the night is chased away
3.1:15    The Fairy Queen, Act IV, Let the fifes and the clarions and shrill trumpets sound
4.3:33    The Fairy Queen, Act IV, Entry of Phoebus. When a cruel long Winter has frozen the earth
5.10:44    The Fairy Queen, Act IV, Hail! Great parent of us all ... Thus the ever grateful Spring ... Here's the Summer,sprightly gay ... See, see my many coloured fields ... Next, Winter comes slowly ... Hail! great parent of us all
6.3:50    The Fairy Queen, Act V, Prelude. Thrice happy lovers, may you be for ever free
7.7:53    The Fairy Queen, Act V, The Plaint: O let me ever, ever weep
8.9:28    The Fairy Queen, Act V, Entry dance. Symphony. Thus the gloomy world at first began to shine ... Thus happy and free... Yes, Daphne, in your face I find
9.0:50    The Fairy Queen, Act V, Monkey's Dance
10.4:28    The Fairy Queen, Act V, Hark! How all things with one sound rejoice ... Hark! the echoing air
11.5:22    The Fairy Queen, Act V, Sure the dull God of Marriage does not hear. Prelude. See, I obey ... Turn then thine eyesupon those glories here ... My torch indeed will from such brightness shine
12.2:42    The Fairy Queen, Act V, Chaconne
13.1:57    The Fairy Queen, Act V, They shall be as happy as they're fair

Category: classical - Discid: b70e1c0d

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