Demis Roussos

El Album De Oro - Vol.2

Tracks: 15, total time: 60:38, year: 1997, genre: Oldies

1.3:40    Forever And Ever
2.5:29    My Friend The Wind
3.4:24    Mourir Après De Mon Amour
4.3:47    Summerwine - duet w. Nancy Boyd
5.3:01    Amazing Grace
6.4:15    Time
7.3:22    Let It Be Me
8.2:46    Another Time
9.3:26    Lovely Lady Of Arcadia
10.4:51    La Vie En Rose
11.4:56    Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall
12.5:32    La Mer
13.3:57    Such A Funny Night
14.3:38    I'll Find My Way Home
15.3:36    Mañanas De Terciopelo - Bonus track en español

Category: classical - Discid: b40e340f

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