Sir John Eliot Gardiner & English Baroque Soloists, Monteverdi Choir [1994]

Henry Purcell [1659-1695]: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day; Dido and Aeneas

Tracks: 23, total time: 67:29, year: 1994, genre: Classical

YEAR: 1994

1.3:35    Ode for St. Cecilia's Day: Symphony: 'Welcome To All The Pleasures That Delight'
2.3:45    Ode for St. Cecilia's Day: 'Here The Deities Approve'
3.2:57    Ode for St. Cecilia's Day: 'While Joys Celestial Their Bright Souls Invade'
4.4:12    Ode for St. Cecilia's Day: 'Beauty Thou Scene Of Love'
5.2:02    Dido and Aeneas: Overture
6.1:01    Dido and Aeneas: Act One: 'Shake The Cloud Off Your Brow'
7.4:13    Dido and Aeneas: Act One: 'Ah! Belinda, I Am Prest With Torment'
8.3:30    Dido and Aeneas: Act One: 'Whence Could So Much Virture Spring?'
9.2:33    Dido and Aeneas: Act One: 'See, Your Royal Guest Appears'
10.1:00    Dido and Aeneas: Act One: Ciaccona: 'Francesco Corbetta'
11.2:22    Dido and Aeneas: Act One: 'To The Hills And The Vales'
12.5:04    Dido and Aeneas: Act Two: 'Prelude For The Witches'
13.2:03    Dido and Aeneas: Act Two: 'In Our Deep Vaulted Cell'
14.3:15    Dido and Aeneas: Act Two: Ritornelle - 'Thanks To These Lonesome Vales'
15.0:59    Dido and Aeneas: Act Two: Folias: 'Gaspar Sanz'
16.2:07    Dido and Aeneas: Act Two: 'Oft She Visits This Lone Mountain'
17.4:30    Dido and Aeneas: Act Two: 'Behold, Upon My Bending Spear'
18.2:14    Dido and Aeneas: Act Three: Prelude: 'Come Away Fellow Sailors'
19.3:17    Dido and Aeneas: Act Three: 'See The Flags And Streamers Curling'
20.3:18    Dido and Aeneas: Act Three: 'Your Counsel All Is Urged In Vain'
21.1:16    Dido and Aeneas: Act Three: 'But Death, Alas, I Cannot Shun'
22.4:06    Dido and Aeneas: Act Three: 'Thy Hand Belinda - When I Am Laid In Earth'
23.4:12    Dido and Aeneas: Act Three: 'With Drooping Wings Ye Cupids Come'

Category: classical - Discid: 6f0fcf17

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