Jones (Dido), Deam (Belinda), Harvey (Aeneas), Bickley (Sorceress); Ivor Bolton, St James's Baroque Players

1993 - Purcell,Dido and Aeneas - Bolton

Tracks: 26, total time: 58:14, year: 1993, genre: Oper

2.1:08Belinda: Shake the Cloud
3.3:35Dido: Ah! Belinda
4.2:36Belinda: Grief increases
5.2:23Belinda et al: Fear no Danger
6.2:29Belinda: See, your royal guest
7.2:03A Dance
8.1:09Chorus: To the hills and the vales
9.1:18The Triumphing Dance
11.1:50Sorceress: Queen of Carthage
12.1:12Witches: But ere this we perform
13.1:29Chorus: In our deep vaulted cell
14.1:06Echo dance of furies
16.3:04Belinda,Chorus: Thanks to these
17.1:41Gitter ground a dance
18.2:032nd woman: oft she visits
19.1:20Aeneas: Behold, upon my bending
20.2:44Sorceress: Stay, Prince
21.2:16Come away, fellow sailors
22.3:20Sorceress: See the flag and streamers
23.3:55Dido: You counsel all
24.0:58Chorus: Great minds against themselves
25.4:26Dido: Thy hand Belinda
26.5:09Chorus: With drooping wings

Discid: classical / 670da41a

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