2in1: A Day Without Rain, The Memory Of Trees

Tracks: 23, total time: 79:53, year: 2000, genre: Meditative

The previous entry for this CD is mistyped. The interpret isagain\r
mentioned in the 'title' field, and totally wirtten in smallcharacters.\r
This is the corrected entry. I recommend using it.

1.2:37    A Day Without Rain
2.3:48    Wild Child
3.3:38    Only Time
4.2:25    Tempus Vernum
5.2:47    Deora Ar Mo Chrof
6.4:06    Flora's Secret
7.2:29    Fallen Embers
8.1:37    Silver Inches
9.3:11    Pilgrim
10.3:52    One By One
11.3:08    The First Of Autumn
12.3:40    Lazy Days
13.4:17    Orinoco Flow
14.3:56    Caribbean Blue
15.4:50    Shepherd Moons
16.3:39    The Celts
17.2:19    Once You Had Gold
18.4:34    Storms In Africa II
19.4:45    Marble Halls
20.2:41    On Your Shore
21.3:16    Book Of Dass
22.3:28    Lothlorien
23.4:59    The Sun In The Stream

Category: classical - Discid: 4c12b717

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