Elizabethan Love Songs and Ayres To the Lute and Viol

Tracks: 22, total time: 53:04, year: , genre:

1.1:29So quicke so hot (T. Campian)
2.3:17If thou long'st so much (T. Campian)
3.2:48T. Campian - Oft have I sigh's
4.1:21T. Campian - Faine would I wed
5.4:33J. Merchant - Walsingham
6.3:07W. Corkine - Goe heavy thoughts
7.1:05W. Corkine - Sweet sweet let me goe
8.1:40W. Corkine - The Punckes delight
9.1:54J. Downland - Thinkst thou then by thy faining
10.3:48J. Downland - Sorrow sorrow stay
11.2:11J. Downland - A Sheperd in a shade his plaining made
12.1:21Mr. Candishe Almaine
13.2:17My trewe love hath my hart
14.4:06The poore soule sat sighinge
15.1:12April is in my mistress' face
17.2:27Adue sweete love
18.1:51Faine would I chainge that note
19.2:58If my complaints could passions move
20.2:01What yf I seeke for love of thee
21.1:55Miserere my maker
22.4:27O Deathe, rock me asleepe

Discid: classical / 370c6e16

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