I went to A MARVELLOUS PARTY - HIS 45 finest 1928-1956 (CD1) /Noël Coward

Tracks: 21, total time: 76:43, year: 2010, genre:

1.3:47    Parisian Pierrot
2.3:13    Poor Little Rich Girl
3.3:34    A Room With A View
4.2:48    Dance, Little Lady
5.3:17    Lorelei
6.3:09    Wordl Weary
7.3:17    I'll See You Again Private Lives (with Gertrude Lawrence)
8.4:46    Act 1 Love Scene
9.4:22    Act 2 Love Scene (including Someday I'll Find You)
10.3:24    Half-Caste Woman
11.2:25    Any Little Fish
12.2:59    Mad Dogs And Englishmen
13.3:36    Twentieth Century Blues
14.2:32    Something To Do With Spring
15.3:21    Mad About The Boy
16.3:41    The Party's Over Now
17.6:22    Conversation Piece - SCen (with Yvonne Printemps) (includingI'll Follow My Secret Heart)
18.2:08    Mrs. Worthington
19.2:37    I Travel Alone
20.2:40    Most Of Ev'ry Day
21.8:50    Shadow Play - Scene (with Gertrude Lawrence)

Category: classical - Discid: 3311f915

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