Edward Elgar

Elgar: Complete EMI Recordings, Disc 19

Tracks: 20, total time: 67:23, year: 2013, genre: Classical

1.12:48    Introduction and Allegro for Strings Op.47: Moderato -¬†Allegro - Fugue
2.1:06    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: Theme. Andante
3.1:33    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: I. C.A.E. (the composer's wife) (L'istesso tempo)
4.0:41    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: II. H.D.S.-P. (Hew David Steuart-Powell) (Allegro)
5.1:22    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: III. R.B.T. (Richard Baxter Townshend) (Allegretto)
6.0:27    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: IV. W.M.B. (William Meath Baker) (Allegro di molto)
7.1:55    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: V. R.P.A. (Richard Penrose Arnold) (Presto)
8.1:18    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: VI. Ysobel (Isabel Fitton) (Andantino)
9.0:53    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: VII. Troyte (Troyte Griffith) (Presto)
10.1:33    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: VIII. W.N. (Winifred Norbury) (Allegretto)
11.2:55    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: IX. Nimrod (A. J. Jaeger) (Moderato)
12.2:32    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: X. Intermezzo: Dorabella (Dora Penny) (Allegretto)
13.0:57    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: XI. G.R.S. (George Robertson Sinclair) (Allegro di molto)
14.2:10    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: XII. B.G.N. (Basil G. Nevinson) (Andante)
15.2:22    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: XIII. Romanza: * * * [Lady Mary Lygon] (Moderato)
16.4:51    'Enigma' Variations, Op.36: XIV. Finale: E.D.U. (the composer) (Allegro)
17.7:54    Cello Concerto in E minor Op.85: I. Adagio - Moderato -
18.4:47    Cello Concerto in E minor Op.85: II. Lento - Allegro molto
19.4:11    Cello Concerto in E minor Op.85: III. Adagio
20.11:13    Cello Concerto in E minor Op.85: IV. Allegro - Moderato - Cadenza - Allegro, ma non troppo - Adagio - Allegro molto

Category: classical - Discid: 2d0fc914

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