Le Concert d'Astrée, Haim

Purcell - Dido and Aeneas

Tracks: 36, total time: 52:54, year: 2003, genre: Opera

1.2:14    Overture
2.0:37    Shake the cloud from off your brow BELINDA
3.0:32    Banish sorrow, banish care CHORUS
4.4:07    Ah! Belinda, I am pressed with torment DIDO
5.0:35    Grief increases by concealing BELINDA, DIDO
6.0:16    When monarchs unite, how happy their state CHORUS
7.1:42    Whence could so much virtue spring DIDO, BELINDA
8.2:15    Fear no danger to ensue BELINDA, SECOND WOMAN, CHORUS
9.0:48    See, your Royal Guest appears BELINDA, AENEAS, DIDO
10.0:36    Cupid only throws the dart CHORUS
11.1:30    If not for mine, for empire's sake AENEAS, BELINDA
12.1:04    To the hills and the vales CHORUS
13.1:26    The Triumphing Dance
14.2:12    Wayward sisters, you that fright SORCERESS, FIRST WITCH - Harm's our delight CHORUS
15.0:40    The Queen of Carthage, whom we hate SORCERESS - Ho Ho Ho! CHORUS
16.1:10    Ruined ere the set of sun? FIRST AND SECOND WITCH, SORCERESS-Ho Ho Ho! CHORUS
17.1:13    But ere we this perform FIRST AND SECOND WITCH
18.1:29    In our deep vaulted cell CHORUS in a manner of an Echo
19.1:18    Echo Dance of Furies
20.0:44    Ritornelle
21.3:16    Thanks to these lonesome vales BELINDA, CHORUS
22.2:19    Oft she visits this lone mountain SECOND WOMAN
23.0:30    Behold, upon my bending spear AENEAS, DIDO
24.0:45    Haste, Haste to town BELINDA, CHORUS
25.2:19    Stay, Prince, and hear great Jove's command, SPIRIT, AENEAS
26.1:36    Come away, fellow sailors A SAILOR, CHORUS
27.0:51    The Sailor's Dance
28.1:03    See the flags and streamers curling SORCERESS, FIRST AND SECOND WITCH
29.0:43    Our next motion SORCERESS
30.0:33    Destruction's our delight CHORUS
31.1:23    The Witches' Dance
32.3:28    Your counsel all is urged in vain DIDO, BELINDA, AENEAS
33.0:51    Great minds against themselves conspire CHORUS
34.0:58    Thy hand, Belinda; darkness shades me DIDO
35.3:51    When I am laid in earth DIDO
36.2:14    With drooping wings CHORUS

Category: classical - Discid: 150c6424

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