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100 acustic guitar (cd 3)

Tracks: 20, total time: 59:15, year: 2012, genre: Musiche varie

1.2:10Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Ghiribizzo N.22
2.2:20Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Sonata N.4 Minuetto
3.2:19Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Ghiribizzo N.16
4.2:06Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Valtz
5.2:13Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Ghiribizzo N.2
6.2:01Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Ghiribizzo N.43
7.1:46Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Ghiribizzo N.31
8.2:05Eros Roselli (Nicolò Paganini) / Sonata N.32
9.3:05Creol Napfeny / Moorea
10.5:25Jan Hengmith / Tucupita
11.3:09Francesco Grant / Alma Gitana
12.3:43Vientovivo (Francesco Ciancetta) / Mariposa negra
13.4:38Gonzalez Mikami & Titi Matsumura / Madame Rushid theme
14.2:40Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach / Smoke gets in your eyes
15.2:25Antonello Sassone (Henry Mancini) / Two for the road
16.3:24Gonzalez Mikami & Titi Matsumura / 28
17.3:42Gonzalez Mikami & Titi Matsumura / Snow flower
18.3:19Marino Risi & Antonello Sassone / Camaiore
19.2:57Creol Napfeny / La galleguita
20.3:54Burt Bacharach & Hal David / I say a little prayer

Discid: classical / 0b0de114

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