Music Heritage [CD 2]

Tracks: 17, total time: 79:55, year: , genre:

1.1:56    The gate
2.4:18    Return to innocence
3.9:22    Back to the rivers of belief
A: Way to eternity
B: Hallelujah
C: The rivers of belief
4.6:26    Push the limits
5.2:42    Responsorium II
6.3:37    The roundabout
7.9:09    Metamorphosis
8.3:51    Gravity of love
9.1:51    I love you ... I'll kill you
10.5:48    Silent warrior
11.3:53    Traces (Light & weight)
12.4:43    Age of loneliness (Carly's song)
13.5:14    Light of your smile
14.3:45    Modern crusaders
15.5:47    Sensing the spheres
16.3:06    Endless quest
17.4:33    Silence must be heard

Category: classical - Discid: 0712b911

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