Neil Young

A Perfect Echo - Neil Young 1967-2001 - Disc 5

Tracks: 15, total time: 72:34, year: 2001, genre: Rock

1.5:11    Rockin' In The Free World (solo - Hamburg, Germany 8-Dec-1989)
2.3:22    Don't Let It Bring You Down (solo - Hamburg, Germany 8-Dec-1989)
3.4:55    After The Goldrush (solo - Hamburg, Germany 8-Dec-1989)
4.3:30    Ohio (solo - Hamburg, Germany 8-Dec-1989)
5.3:17    Too Far Gone (solo - Amsterdam, Holland 10-Dec-1989)
6.4:36    Hangin' On A Limb (solo - Amsterdam, Holland 10-Dec-1989)
7.8:10    Crime In The City (solo - Amsterdam, Holland 10-Dec-1989)
8.7:13    Eldorado (solo - Amsterdam, Holland 10-Dec-1989)
9.6:17    Someday (solo - Amsterdam, Holland 10-Dec-1989)
10.4:42    My My Hey Hey (solo - Amsterdam, Holland 10-Dec-1989)
11.5:06    The Old Laughing Lady (solo - Paris, France 11-Dec-1989)
12.2:34    The Needle And The Damage Done (solo - Paris, France 11-Dec-1989)
13.5:23    No More (solo - Paris, France 11-Dec-1989)
14.3:33    Days That Used To Be (CH - Mountain View, CA 26-Oct-1990)
15.4:50    Mansion On The Hill (CH - Mountain View, CA 26-Oct-1990)

Category: blues - Discid: d311000f

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