Benny Goodman

Body and Soul

Tracks: 16, total time: 46:44, year: 2005, genre: Jazz

YEAR: 2005

1.3:16    Who?
2.3:27    Good-bye
3.3:29    Body ans soul
4.2:50    Someday, sweet heart
5.2:58    Basin street blues
6.2:55    Startdust
7.2:32    Yankee doodle never went to down
8.3:10    Santa claus came in string
9.3:37    Christopher columbus
10.2:02    Eeny meeny miney mo
11.3:27    It's been so long
12.2:32    Brakin' in a pair of shoes
13.2:44    No other one
14.2:37    You can't pull the wool over my eyes
15.2:08    I know that you know
16.3:04    Get Happy

Category: blues - Discid: cf0af210

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