Black Sabbath

The Road Of Tyr (Disc 1)

Tracks: 14, total time: 77:26, year: 1990, genre: Hard Rock

YEAR: 1990

1.2:40    Intro:Ave Satani〜The Gates Of Hell
2.5:16    Neon Knights
3.5:06    Iron Man
4.5:20    Children Of The Grave
5.6:48    Anno Mundi
6.6:20    Headless Cross
7.6:49    When Death Calls
8.7:21    War Pigs
9.2:36    Bass Solo
10.3:43    Heart Like A Wheel〜Guitar Solo
11.3:59    The Law Maker
12.10:47    Drums Solo (incl. The Planets,Mars,The Bringer Of War)
13.1:44    The Sign Of The Southern Cross
14.8:59    Black Sabbath

Category: blues - Discid: c012240e

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