The Ritz New York City 22-08-90 Disc 1

Tracks: 15, total time: 47:16, year: 1990, genre: Hard Rock

YEAR: 1990

1.2:23    Intro
2.3:59    Wild One
3.6:40    Children Of The Sea
4.2:18    Man on the silver Mountain
5.1:39    Tarot Woman
6.1:44    Still I`m sad
7.1:46    Keyboard solo
8.2:32    Stargazer
9.2:14    Long live rock `n` roll
10.4:45    Born on the Sun
11.3:36    Stand up and shout
12.2:44    Why are they watching me Part I
13.3:56    Guitarmedley
14.1:45    Why are they watching me Part II
15.5:19    Don`t talk to strangers

Category: blues - Discid: b30b120f

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