Various Artists

!Legends Of Bajo!

Tracks: 13, total time: 65:22, year: 1996, genre: Salsa

YEAR: 1996

1.7:03Semilla De Amor/Fania All-Stars
2.8:17Me Gusta El Son/Fania All-Stars
3.3:29Here Comes Candido/Candido
4.3:58Se Traba/Ray Barretto
5.3:32Bemba Colord/Celia Cruz
6.3:59Codazos/Bobby Valentin
7.3:58La Leonor/Bobby Valentin
8.4:31Pena De Amor/Willie Colon & Mon Rivera
9.4:45Piensa En MI/Ray Barretto
10.4:52Arsenio/Orchestra Harlow
11.6:18El Que Se Fue/Roberto Roena
12.4:12Naci Para Cantar/Ismael Miranda
13.6:31Moreno Soy/Sonora Poncena

Discid: blues / b00f500d

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