Bon Jovi

100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong... Disc 1 B0003543-00

Tracks: 12, total time: 54:37, year: 2004, genre: Hard Rock

YEAR: 2004

1.3:32    Why Aren't You Dead? (Unreleased)
2.5:09    The Radio Saved My Life Tonight (Unreleased)
3.4:18    Taking It Back (Unreleased)
4.5:19    Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Original Demo)
5.5:41    Miss Fourth of July (Unreleased)
6.5:48    Open All Night (Unreleased)
7.5:21    These Arms Are Open All Night (Unreleased)
8.2:58    I Get a Rush (Unreleased)
9.4:14    Someday Just Might Be Tonight (Unreleased)
10.4:18    Thief of Hearts (Unreleased Studio Track)
11.4:33    Last Man Standing (Unreleased Studio Track)
12.3:27    I Just Want To Be Your Man (Unreleased)

Category: blues - Discid: ad0ccb0c

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