Johnny Drummer

Bad attitude

Tracks: 13, total time: 63:17, year: 2013, genre: Blues

1.4:21    Is it love or is it lust
2.4:15    Another rooster is pecking my hen
3.4:26    Bit her in the butt
4.5:09    Bad attitude
5.5:01    Make you happy
6.5:41    One size fit all
7.5:00    Sure sign of the blues
8.4:18    Don't call me trash
9.5:21    Ain't no secret in a small town
10.5:11    U-turn on a one way street
11.4:47    Better than good
12.5:11    My women my money my whiskey
13.4:39    Star 69

Category: blues - Discid: a00ed30d

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