Communio Luporum [Bonus CD of 'The Sacrament Of Sin']

Tracks: 10, total time: 42:20, year: 2018, genre: Power Metal

1.4:48Epica / Sacred And Wild
2.3:41Saltatio Mortis / We Drink Your Blood
3.4:18Caliban / Kiss Of The Cobra King
4.3:48Battle Beast / Resurrection By Erection
5.5:16Heaven Shall Burn / Night Of The Werewolves
6.5:30Kadavar / The Evil Made Me Do It
7.4:17Kissin' Dynamite / Let There Be Night
8.3:57Mille Petrozza & Marc Görtz / Amen & Attack
9.3:03Amaranthe / Army Of The Night
10.3:43Eluveitie / Nata Vimpi Cvrmid / Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild)

Discid: blues / 8909ea0a

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