The Beatles

AB Road - Complete Purple Chick Set v1.1 Jan.24- D4 FLAC

Tracks: 28, total time: 59:05, year: , genre:

2.2:12Get back 24.86
3.1:44There You Are Eddie 24.87
4.0:30Get Back 24.88
5.0:42Get Back 24.89
6.3:38Get Back 24.90
7.2:41Get Back-Little Demon-Maybellene-(Medley) 24.91
8.1:34Short Fat Fanny 24.92
9.0:18Get Back 24.93
10.4:57Get Back 24.94
11.0:48Green Onions 24.95
12.0:55Get Back 24.96
13.4:34Get Back 24.97
14.4:30Bad Boy 24.98
15.1:50Sweet Little Sixteen 24.99
16.1:10Around and Around 24.100
17.2:04Almost Grown 24.101a
18.2:51School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) 24.101b
19.2:42Stand By Me - Where Have You Been All My Life 24.102
20.0:12Lady Madonna 24.103
21.0:15Lovely Rita-Get Back 24.104
22.6:54Get Back 24.105
23.1:43Lonely Sea 24.106
24.3:48Unknown 24.107
25.2:05Ramrod 24.108
27.0:08Tape Rewind
28.0:28Unknown Playback

Discid: blues / 760dd71c

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