Blandet 28-1-2016

Tracks: 24, total time: 80:42, year: 2016, genre: Rockeswing/Blues

1.3:13    The Haley Oliver Band / Shape Up Heart C S (fin)
2.2:36    The Haley Oliver Band / I'm Coming Home C R (superb)
3.2:57    The Haley Oliver Band / 8.6 Degrees And Falling C R (superb)
4.2:29    The Haley Oliver Band / Pick Me Up On Your Way Down C R (superb)
5.2:09    Shanes / Do Wah Diddy G L (fin)
6.3:17    Shanes / Wonderful World G L (superb)
7.3:02    The Hub Caps / Heaven On Earth R S (superb)
8.2:47    The Hub Caps / Can't Help Falling In Love K L (fin)
9.2:36    The Hub Caps / Dreams Of You R S (superb)
10.3:33    The Hub Caps / Don't Let Go R S (superb)
11.3:00    The Hub Caps / Mary Lou R A B (superb)
12.3:22    The Hub Caps / Sweetheart R A B (fin)
13.2:28    The Fastback / Gotta Move R A B (superb)
14.2:53    The Fastback / Breakfree R S (fin)
15.3:00    The Fastback / Be My Girl G L (superb)
16.2:36    TT Grace / Sh-Boom R S (superb)
17.3:19    TT Grace / High School Confidential R R (fin)
18.5:40    Mojo Blues Band / Take A Train J B (superb)
19.3:45    Mojo Blues Band / Lucky Boy Lion J B (superb)
20.3:49    Mojo Blues Band / We're Both To Blame K L (superb)
21.3:39    Mojo Blues Band / Whale Of A Time J B (fin)
22.5:02    Mojo Blues Band / I Don't Care J B (superb)
23.5:42    Mojo Blues Band / Wintertime Is Coming R B (superb)
24.3:58    Mojo Blues Band / Barefoot Rock J B (superb)

Category: blues - Discid: 6f12e818

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