Freddie King

Blues Guitar Hero

Tracks: 24, total time: 71:57, year: 1993, genre: General Blues

1.3:00    Hide Away
2.2:59    Lonesome Whistle Blues
3.2:41    San-Ho-Zay
4.2:43    I'm Tore Down
5.2:21    See See Baby
6.2:51    Christmas Tears
7.3:19    You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling
8.3:11    Have You Ever Loved A Woman
9.2:24    You Know That You Love Me
10.2:53    I Love The Woman
11.3:10    It's Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough
12.2:58    Sen-Sa-Shun
13.3:01    If You Believe In What You Do
14.2:50    Takin' Care Of Business
15.3:13    The Stumble
16.2:31    Sittin' On The Boat Dock
17.3:05    Side Tracked
18.2:29    What About Love
19.3:38    Come On
20.2:33    Just Pickin'
21.3:42    I'm On My Way To Atlanta
22.2:56    In The Open
23.2:43    (The Welfare) Turns Its Back On You
24.4:50    She Put The Whammy On Me relies on the support of generous donations.

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