Mr. Serv-On

Da Next Level

Tracks: 22, total time: 75:02, year: 1999, genre: Rap

1.1:36    Forever My Life: The Beginning
2.4:42    Tank Nigga Feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Mia X, Lil Soldiers & Kane &Abel
3.3:10    Boot 'Em Up Feat. Fiend & Mystikal
4.2:52    From N.Y. To N.O. Feat. Big Punisher
5.3:15    F.U. Serv
6.4:28    Murder Feat. Magic
7.5:23    I Hate The Way I Live
8.4:01    Best Friend II Feat. C-Murder & Dorian
9.2:46    1, 2, 3
10.3:49    Straight Outta N.O. Feat. C-Murder & Magic
11.2:53    Snatch Them Hoez Up Feat. Mia X & T. Scott
12.4:26    My Homies
13.4:24    This Is For My Niggaz Feat. Ghetto Commission
14.4:05    Freaky Dreams Feat. O'Dell
15.2:16    Make 'Em Bleed
16.2:35    Hit The Block
17.2:52    Strap Up Feat. Fiend
18.3:39    I'll Be There Feat. Ms. Peaches
19.4:21    My Story Feat. KLC
20.2:05    I Luv It
21.4:06    The Last Song Feat. O'Dell
22.1:24    Forever My Life: The End

Category: blues - Discid: 40119416

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