Galt MacDermot

In Film 1969-1973

Tracks: 23, total time: 66:35, year: 2004, genre: Jazz

YEAR: 2004

1.1:35    Fragments II (From Woman is Sweeter)
2.2:13    Cathedral (From Woman is Sweeter)
3.4:02    Tango (From Woman is Sweeter)
4.1:48    American Express (From American Express)
5.1:45    Never Die, Never Desire (From American Express)
6.1:49    Cambodia (From American Express)
7.2:03    Dead End (From Hair)
8.5:31    Ed and Digger (From Cotton Comes To Harlem)
9.2:18    Stockyard (From Cotton Comes To Harlem)
10.1:41    Harlem Medely pt1 (From Cotton Comes To Harlem)
11.2:10    Coffin Ed (From Cotton Comes To Harlem)
12.3:45    Golden Apples pt2 (From Nucleus)
13.4:02    Bedroom (From Nucleus)
14.5:55    Fishing (From Nucleus)
15.3:33    Golden Apples pt1 (From Nucleus)
16.3:27    Duffer (From Nucleus)
17.1:20    Mona's Theme (From Fortune and Men's Eyes)
18.2:16    Queenie's Theme (From Fortune and Men's Eyes)
19.2:42    Meard Street (From Moon Over The Alley)
20.2:55    Rhinoceros Theme (Version A) (From Rhinoceros)
21.2:11    Rhinoceros Main Theme (From Rhinoceros)
22.4:26    Rhinoceros Theme (Version B) (From Rhinoceros)
23.3:14    Fortune and Men's Eyes (Vocal Version)

Category: blues - Discid: 3e0f9917

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