2001 (Chinese)

Tracks: 20, total time: 71:20, year: 2001, genre: New Age

YEAR: 2001

1.2:37Deora ar mo Chroi
2.3:49Wild Child
3.3:40Only Time
4.3:59Caribbean Blue
5.4:28Orinoco Flow
6.2:56Book of Days
7.3:42Shepherd Moons
8.4:08Flora's Secret
9.3:46Anywhere Is
10.2:48Deora ar mo Chroi
11.3:52Evening Falls...
13.3:20Only If...
14.3:37On My Way Home
16.4:12Storms in Africa
17.4:43China Roses
18.3:43Lazy Days
19.1:55Marble Halls

Discid: blues / 2e10b614

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