Howlin' Wolf

The Chess Box, Disc 3 [1963-1973]

Tracks: 21, total time: 69:05, year: 1991, genre: Blues

1.2:23    Hidden Charms
2.3:07    Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
3.2:40    Built for Comfort
4.2:53    Love Me Darlin'
5.2:51    Killing Floor
6.2:38    My Country Sugar Mama
7.2:45    Louise
8.3:16    I Walked from Dallas
9.2:50    Tell Me What I've Done
10.3:16    Don't Laugh at Me
11.2:39    Ooh Baby (Hold Me)
12.2:57    New Crawlin' King Snake
13.2:54    My Mind Is Ramblin'
14.3:08    Commit a Crime
15.2:56    Dust My Broom
16.5:09    I'm The Wolf (acoustic solo)
17.5:52    Ain't Goin' Down That Dirt Road (acoustic solo)
18.3:05    Mary Sue
19.3:13    Hard Luck
20.5:57    The Red Rooster (London Sessions w/ false start and dialog)
21.2:42    Moving

Category: blues - Discid: 1b102f15

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