clapton, eric

1992 - my blues

Tracks: 17, total time: 63:30, year: 1992, genre: Blues

1.3:56before you accuse me
2.5:02lonely stranger
3.6:14running on faith
4.3:33nobody knows you when you're down and out
6.4:29tears in heaven
7.3:45circus has left town
8.3:33alberta, alberta
9.1:27rollin' and tumblin'
10.7:07old love
11.3:27give me strengh (1974)
12.2:25give me strengh (1974)
13.2:22why did you leave heaven (1978)
14.2:32blues "jam" (1978)
15.4:53oh how i miss my baby's love (1980)
16.2:18standing around crying (1991)
17.2:02tears in heaven (1992)

Discid: blues / 060ee011

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